#21 – Promoting Nurturing, Non-Violent Masculinity in Times of Political Upheaval

Gary Barker (Equimundo)

Gary Barker has been a trailblazer in the field of men and masculinities for over thirty years. He is the CEO of Equimundo, which does a wide range of innovative work and research with men and boys for gender justice across the globe. We explore his own story of how he became involved in efforts against violence and for gender equality, and how his own ‘journey’ relates to the development of the organisations he has led. As well as hearing from Gary about some of the exciting current elements of this work, we discuss the recent political turbulence in the United States and Brazil, and what it has to do with masculinity. Gary also shares with us his experience of writing fiction, and reads a passage from his novel ‘The Museum of Lost Love’.

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