Men and preventing violence against women

Prof Nicole Westmarland, Sandy Ruxton and Dr Stephen Burrell carried out research with Dr Anna Lena Almqvist and Dr Linn Egeberg Holmgren in Sweden, and Prof Custodio Delgado Valbuena in Spain, about men who are taking a public stance against violence towards women. We sought to highlight the stories of men who are already engaging in anti-violence activism in these three countries, and understand the social, cultural, political and economic factors which can support more to become involved. We wanted to learn from these men’s experiences in order to help build the movement to end violence against women.

We wrote a book based on the research, published by Policy Press in July 2021 – you can find out more, and read it for free as an open access e-book, via the link below. We have also written several commentary pieces around this topic.

Westmarland, N., Almqvist, A.-L., Egeberg-Holmgren, L., Ruxton, S., Burrell, S.R. and Delgado, C. (2021)

1 – Book – Men’s Activism to End Violence Against Women: Voices from Spain, Sweden and the UK

Bristol: Policy Press
Burrell, S.R., Westmarland, N. and Ruxton, S. (20/10/2021)

2 – Commentary – Sarah Everard, police culture and the ‘masculinised’ workplaces we can all help change

The Conversation
Burrell, S.R., Westmarland, N. and Ruxton, S. (15/3/2021)

3 – Commentary – How men can be allies to women right now

The Conversation
Dr Stephen Burrell carried out his PhD research on efforts to engage men and boys in the prevention of men’s violence against women in England, followed by an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship which explored how this work can be advanced in the business sector and the workplace.