Men and domestic abuse

We have carried out research into the needs and experiences of male victim-survivors of domestic abuse and how these can be impacted by masculine norms and expectations, including during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Westmarland, N., Burrell, S.R., Dhir, A., Hall, K.E., Hasan, E. and Henderson, K. (2021)

Report – ‘Living a life by permission’: The experiences of male victims of domestic abuse during Covid-19

Durham University
One of the biggest studies in the UK to date on work with men who have perpetrated domestic abuse was led by Prof Nicole Westmarland from CRiVA, together with Prof Liz Kelly (CWASU, London Metropolitan University). This was called Project Mirabal, and has its own dedicated website. Dr Nicole Renehan in CRiVA also researches domestic abuse perpetrator programmes, and is currently investigating how such programmes respond to neurodiversity.